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3 Tips On Keeping Things Organized In Your Home And Your Heart.

Light pink journal on marble countertop with "Mama's Got Goals" on the front

Being a mom is a balancing act of who you were before kids and the mountain of overnight tasks that come home when baby does. It's information overload, and many of us freeze under the pressure.

But if you're like me, nothing beats the overwhelm like a rock solid plan. Just a few intention tweaks to your week can increase energy and create a mountain of joy in your life.

1. Designate one day a week to get organized. Try Sunday afternoon for grocery shopping and meal planning. Having one non-negotiable day built into your schedule will allow you to feel calm knowing things WILL get done.

2. Use a digital calendar like the Cozi app. Sometimes we forget to inform our partners of important dates or tasks. Using a digital platform that's shared helps keep the lines of communication open. Rest, Rest, Rest! Napping often will accelerate the healing process as our body heals during sleep. Listen to your body and take breaks as needed. Enjoy the fresh air. Short, frequent walks around the house or to the end of your driveway can help increase circulation and increase digestion. Gently move your body. Very gentle exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing, heel slides, or ankle exercises can help increase circulation in the abdominal area and in your legs.

3. Invest in yourself and get support. Using the Mama's Got Goals Planner is truly a daily act of self-care. Spending just five minutes a day to plan out your goals with intention helps you create the life you want (don't five years just buzz on by?) Built for busy new moms, it's the ultimate roadmap to making a positive impact in their lives through goal setting. It's the perfect new mom gift!

I hope these tips were helpful for you! Remember when you show up for your goals, you show up for yourself and you show up for your life.

Justine McDonald

Got the must have box!! So cute I love it you guys do such a good job.

Jessica DeMelo, Winnipeg, Canada @jess.demelo

Being a mom of 2 I hardly ever do anything for myself! I finally splurged on a yearly susbscription box and am loving all the mom and baby friendly, local and Canadian businesses and artisans, sustainable and eco friendly products Louis and Léa has to offer! Thank you for making me feel special!

Sam Flight, Canada @samvpflight

I just received my first box and it is so so lovely! Thank you for creating this lovely subscription! So excited for my next one!

Renee, Ontario, Canada @renee_minty

Louis and Léa creates such wonderful boxes for new parents, and are great gift idea as well. All their products are so well thought out - they are good for baby and good for the environment.

Lauren Eberle, New York, USA @laurenrodycheberle

This box is an incredible idea, it's not expensive continuing with the subscription, it has items in there I've never even seen, it's natural and healthy for mom and baby which is so important. I'm very excited to use the dryer balls. Thanks again!

Brittany Pal, Canada @brittany.pal.14

The baby birth box was gifted to me at my baby shower and it was such a lovely surprise!! We have used and loved every one of the items.

Clara Williams, Manitoba, Canada @claraswilliam

This box has exceeded my expectations. You get so much for a great price and best of all, they did all the work for you!

Micheline, Manitoba, Canada @malomicheline

During this pandemic it’s the perfect gift and a lovely surprise for expecting Moms. Thank you Louis and Léa!!

Roxanne Gray, Manitoba, Canada @roxc_88

Friends, go check out this amazing Catholic, pro-life, pro-family company!! They focus on bringing thoughtful, eco-conscious, USEFUL items to families at every stage, from birth to baby's first birthday.

Rianna, Calgary, Canada @ourlifesweetnessandhope

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