dad birth box

dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box
dad birth box

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Hey Dads, enjoy this perfectly curated Dad Box designed and expertly picked by dad of 4 and co-owner at Louis and Léa, Eric. “There are many reasons as to why I picked these specific items, but generally speaking, they had to meet a few criteria; I wanted eco-friendly, quality items and I wanted dads to be able to enjoy these fine products even after the birth of their child. This is a great gift the dad in your life will be able to enjoy again and again!" 

Cheers men! 

This box contains:

sleep maskView details
sleep mask

Whether or not you’ve ever used a sleep mask, you’ll be extremely happy to have this at your disposal. The hospital is a very well lit place. So while mom and baby are resting, you’ll want to take full advantage of sleep. This mask, which is adjustable will completely block out light when done right. Another cool feature is that it “bubbles” out at the eye sockets so you don’t get REM interruption. Plus, you’ll be able to use it for your new dad snoozes, or for travelling!

The 40 Blinks Sleep Mask has also been featured on such platforms as Dr. Oz and Cosmopolitan Magazine.


all-natural toothpasteView details
all-natural toothpaste

This travel size earth friendly toothpaste is also one of those items you’ll want pre-packed alongside your Louis and Léa bamboo toothbrush. If you’ve never had an eco toothpaste before, this is a great tube to start.

Here are some benefits you might not know or think about when choosing “traditional” toothpastes compared to natural toothpastes:
Pacific Mint Toothpaste comes in a recyclable tube made of a bio-resin derived from sugarcane. It can stand on its own, which eliminates the need for unnecessary additional packaging.

The natural formula has no synthetics, preservatives, colorants, or fluoride.

Pacific Mint

bamboo toothbrushView details
bamboo toothbrush

Pre-packing is key to preparing your “hospital bag”. You never know when the day will come, and it’s best practice to at least have your toothbrush and toothpaste packed. Also, knowing you're using a super eco toothbrush is nice. It’s reusable so you can keep using it long after your baby’s born. Oh and it is biodegradable so you know you're not throwing anymore plastic into the environment.

Louis and Léa

20oz black tumblerView details
20oz black tumbler

This is by far one of the most popular items in our Birth and Mom Boxes. However, I wanted to create a more manly look for dad to stay hydrated. It’s black and has a new smaller logo on the bottom. It can hold a beer...ummm water cold for up to 24hrs, coffee hot for up to 3hrs! It’s also super durable and was even featured on Shark Tank by the Gronkowski brothers!

Here are some other cool stats on this amazing tumbler:
• Vacuum Insulated
• 304 Grade, 18/8 stainless steel
• BPA Free Push-Seal Lid
• Sweat Free


couldn't be more proud card for momView details
couldn't be more proud card for mom

Ok Dads, here’s something that I really thought through and will definitely give you some well needed bonus points after your special lady gives birth to your child.

It’s an incredible moment you both never want to forget, so I’ve packed this card for you to write down how you felt after that life altering moment.

*Pro tip: Push gifts... Just in case you didn’t know it was a thing, most mom’s do. So, if you don’t have one already, go and buy her the “Just For Mom Box”. It’s the perfect Push Gift. Thank me later.

I got you men ;-)

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