Milestone Subscription

Milestone Subscription
Milestone Subscription
Milestone Subscription
Milestone Subscription
Milestone Subscription
Milestone Subscription

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What is the Milestone Subscription?
We're so happy you asked! Louis and Léa is a quarterly subscription service that curates innovative, practical, unique, eco-friendly products for you and your little one to cover every milestone in your baby's first year of life. Anything from nursing, sleeping, teething, eating, documenting, playing, celebrating, and much much more! Each subscription contains full size products for baby and special items to pamper Mom because Mom deserves a little love too. 

With this subscription, you will save 15% OFF on all four milestone boxes & FREE SHIPPING! Made with love and delivered conveniently to your door!

How often are they delivered?
The first box will be shipped out after you purchase the subscription, and every three months following.

Why choose Louis and Léa?
As parents of four young children, we know how noisy, overwhelming, and confusing information and resources out there can be. We believe we can help you focus on what you’ll actually need from baby's birth to first birthday. You can feel confident knowing you'll be able to spend more time with your baby enjoying every milestone without having to worry about what you and your baby needs during that first year.

What makes the Milestone Boxes different to other subscriptions?
We're not like your typical subscription box discovery service where every box is a surprise. We don't believe you should spend money on products you might not want or need. You can rest assured that all items were carefully curated to be helpful, practical, eco-friendly and will meet the highest standards in quality. When it comes to you and your baby, we know how important it is to have safe and natural products, because it was for us.



I even got spoiled!

Ordered a birthday box from @officiallouisandlea for my little guy! Love the products! Luca obviously loved the box! The elephant puzzle is super cute and durable! He's been throwing the pieces around. I even got spoiled by getting an adorable "mama" necklace! I cannot wait to fill out his birthday interview book this year and every year to come. Such precious and sentimental items! Can't wait to use the other items from the box as well! If you are unsure what to get someone these boxes make a great gift as well as shopping their individual products! Thanks again @officiallouisandlea.

Ashley Gosselin, Manitoba, Canada @ashleygosselin96

A gift that takes anxiety out of the preparation!

Friends, go check out this amazing Catholic, pro-life, pro-family company!! They focus on bringing thoughtful, eco-conscious, USEFUL items to families at every stage, from birth to baby's first birthday. The ultimate birth box was incredible and so helpful for my third labour and delivery. My third! Even though it was my third hospital delivery, I was so grateful not to worry beforehand about forgetting something. Because believe me, my fuzzy pregnant brain would've forgotten a water bottle, shampoo, and body wash. For. Sure. So do a friend a favour. If they're expecting their 1st, 3rd, or 10th, or even for yourself, get a gift that takes some anxiety out of the preparation. Or gift them their milestone boxes or individual pieces that every baby and mom would be so appreciative to receive at birth! Plus they have online resources!

Rianna, Calgary, Canada @ourlifesweetnessandhope

Perfect gift during pandemic.

We received two Louis and Léa boxes from family as gifts! I absolutely LOVED the items in both boxes. I try my best to be eco-friendly as much as possible and supporting local! The first box we got a few weeks ago filled with items for Mom and baby, perfect for packing our hospital bag. The second box was the 3-6 month box and again items for Mom and baby. During this pandemic it’s the perfect gift and a lovely surprise for expecting Moms. Thank you Louis and Léa!!

Roxanne Gray, Manitoba, Canada @roxc_88

My favourite baby outfit!

This box has exceeded my expectations. It's obvious that lots of thought and effort has been put into selecting every product. The quality of the clothing, for example, is unbeatable. It quickly became my favourite outfit for our baby. You get so much for a great price and best of all, they did all the work for you!

Micheline, Manitoba, Canada @malomicheline

Good for baby and the environment!

Louis and Léa creates such wonderful boxes for new parents, and are great gift idea as well. All their products are so well thought out - they are good for baby and good for the environment. Everything being biodegradable or organic or bamboo is right up my alley! They've really done the work for you in realizing what you'll want to make your birth extra special and your postpartum comfortable!!

Lauren Eberle, New York, USA @laurenrodycheberle